Meeting Minutes

January 11, 2020

Old Business -

  • $3,765 in treasury
  • $126 from holiday sale at Coos History Museum
Set schedule for next 5 months

June 2021 HTAG Meeting

June 12, 2021

The Transfer of Power!

    Dana - President

    Kim P - Vice President

    Janet - Treasurer

    Open - Secretary

A decision was made to create committees to manage the various festivals and classes offered.  

Additionally, each month a member will contribute to the blog with an original post.  

Blackberry Arts Festival —> Last weekend of August

Linda Partsch - Co-Chair

Kim Thompson - Co-Chair

Sabra - back up

Linda, Kim, & Sabra will set up guidelines and schedule.  They will present at the July meeting.

Coos History Museum Holiday Sale

Janet - Co-Chair

Linda - Co-Chair

Kim P - Co-Chair


Add Support Page

Need contributors each month

July - Kim T.

August - Build-Up BlackBerry Festival - Sabra

September - Marge (Pine Baskets)

Add Show & Tell

Make a phone list (Janet)

The guild loom will be stored here for demonstrations - for sale if anyone would like to purchase it.

$10 - Racks for Blackberry Festival


Felted Gnome Making - 


Equipment Maintenance

Dye Days

ETC/Janice Thompson, Variety of Dye techniques (Kim T is contacting for more details and dates)


Kim & Linda P 

Pine Needle Baskets

Spinning Circles

Janet - will notify dates

Weaving - Tips, tricks, techniques

Kim P - Krokbragd

Yvonne - Overshot

Sock Classes

Maria/Linda/Sabra - October


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