Why a gnome?

 From - Marjorie Gibbs

In folklore gnomes are known as a symbol of good luck. Originally they were thought to protect buried treasure and minerals in the ground. They were and still are used to protect livestock, crops and gardens standing guard through all seasons. We can all use a little help growing and protecting our gardens and plants!

What is a gnome?

Mythical gnomes were thought to live underground. Their name is a Latin derivative meaning earth dweller. In Germany they are Gnomes, in Denmark and Norway they are Nisse , in Spain Duende, and in England Hob .

A little more history:

The first known gnomes were produced in Germany in the early 1800’s and we’re made out of clay. Their use in many English gardens popularized them.

Now to felting a garden/plant protector of our own:

Pick out your colors, have a thick piece of foam, a couple kabob skewers, and a variety of felting needles (from thick to fine).

Wrapping wool tightly around your skewer will determine how tall your gnome will be. Needle felt it until partly felted and now you can remove from skewer.

Now we have a base for our gnome.

How to videos - Part 1, Part 2


  1. Thank Marjorie for following through with your blog posting - I almost feel like I can do it, but need to watch those videos about 100 more times!

  2. Among the products mentioned on the list, which one is the best?
    funny gnomes


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