Back in person!

 Welcome back everyone!  

It has been a long 15 months but we finally were able to meet in person and plan for the coming year.  We have made some changes to how things will work within HTAG that will make it more fun and much more equitable for all involved.

Our new leadership is:

Dana - President

Kim P - Vice President

Janet - Treasurer

The big changes are for classes, demonstrations, and festival participation!  Committees have been formed for each type of gathering and those co-chairs will handle all of the details and let us know what and how to participate.  If you feel like you have something you want to teach or offer up, just bring it up at the July meeting and you’ll get put on the list.  

We are bringing a floor loom to The Barn for demonstrations and how-tos!  

Our next meeting is July 10 at The Barn!  





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