Keeping Busy!

So guessing the who's is who's is a bit difficult when we don't all know everyone's name - that just came to me!  So here is a sprinkling of some of our members projects.  Keep emailing me (Dana) and I'll keep posting.  There might be a delay here and there while I learn how to "distant teach" but I am slowly flattening that curve!!!!

When sending me pics, choose the small option if you have the choice - they come through quicker and are easier to post.

I hope everyone is healthy and finding their groove in the temporary new normal.  Remember to call people, to Face-time, Zoom, Skype, or Google Meet to see the faces and hear the voices of those you know and love.  This is temporary, and we will all gather in the our barn in the not too near, but not too distant future.  Use this time to connect to what you love and to the small world right around you.  Remember to laugh and to have fun!  A good frame of mind helps keep your immune system strong and ready to fight if necessary. 

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