Happy 23rd day of Social Distancing!

Well, it is a bit crazy to realize we have been doing this for 23 days and will probably be doing it at least 23 more...  Will our yarn, wool, supplies hold out for that long?

Show me what you are working on!  Send me an image of 1 thing you are working on right now (Dana's email) and I will make a little form/game for us to see who can correctly identify the work! 

Here is a little video from Janet to let us see how our lives intersect with people across the globe -

And here is another little gem from Janet about what our work-spaces could look like after this is all over!

Here is my current project - I am loving working on pine needle baskets with felted bottoms!  Jamie has felted a lid for me so stay tuned for the finished project.

Stay Well, Stay Safe, Stay Safe, and Wash Your Hands!


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