The Great Social Experiment of Social Distancing!

Well, I asked and you all responded! Here is what we are all up to!

From Kathy E (new member) -
Greetings! Thanks for asking. 

Am enjoying the imposed simple life. Dispelling dread with background meditation music while I sew proto-type facial masks from triple layer quilting cotton and cotton flannel. I've family members working in BAH and other hospitals, as well as I'm hearing of shortages all over.
These are made with patterns circulating online. Though, when I try them, I'm not impressed with the effectiveness. Each style has a problem: doesn't stay on, or has significant air leakage around the side. I'm headed back to the drawing board.
Before I go into "mass production", (ha!) I want to be fabricating something that really works.
If anyone runs into a pattern for a version that is effective and suitable for medical applications, please share.
Be well and happy creating!

From Lynda P -

From Sue -
Masks for family friends and hospital. Hospital asked for cotton masks to use for incoming people. They will keep people from breathing and coughing on them and others while saving the one use masks (shortage N95), for the hospital employees.  Easy to make. I can share pattern.

From Debbi -

I am mainly working on quilting but have a pine needle basket in the works (going slowly). I do have a blog, so if you want to post it for everyone to see, here it is: yogaromaquilter.blogspot.comDebbi

Dish Towels from Kim P

From Anne -

We have a number of projects going around the home and neighborhood including road cleanup, gardening & weaving.
Hoping you and your entire families are healthy & continue to be so!
Hugs from a member of your guild family,

From Janet -

We’re doing well. Got some good yard work done last week. Hope all is well with you.  This is the 2nd scarf on a
6 inch cotton warp that we dyed last summer. This is the first scarf I’ve tried to weave. So far so good.

From Dana -

I have my hands in many, some might say too many, projects.  I am working on my basket weaving skills, knitted face cloths with cotton and wool so when it washes it slightly felts, a bias knit scarf (thanks Eva for the pattern), a knit headband for running, and the loom is warped for facecloths!  I give myself 2 hours here and there on each project!

I have been running and we have been trying to find the less occupied trails to keep Dilly entertained and tired out.  Trying to not obsess on the news or the future of my classroom!  I am looking at this as a great reset in priorities and values!  Still no hoarding toilet paper, but will admit to buying extra adult beverages just in case!


From Marge -

The gnome was my dads 95th birthday present. And I once again got first prize for his most unusual gift.



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